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For All Worldwide, A Holistic View

(All chapters are intended for continuing revision)

G. Parker Rossman (g.p.ross@mchsi.com)

A graduate of the University of Oklahoma (education and communications), the University of Chicago (thesis on the sociology of the university), and Yale University (Ph.D. in Higher Education).  Rossman's current research interest is "the nature and future of the university," and its design as a global learning system for all ages and cultures. He was executive consultant to and the founding vice-president of the Global University project--which conducts global classroom demonstrations to test distance education technologies--of GLOSAS/USA (global systems analysis and simulation). In that capacity and as a member of the board of directors of the University of the World (which had councils in twenty-six countries to bring business, government and higher education together to plan for the future of electronic higher education), he pressed these organizations to focus more on research to solve fundamental human problems. (See Volume II.) He has been a member of the Columbia University faculty seminar on `computers and society' and is on the board of the journal Innovate that deals with cutting-edge issues in education.

He has taught at Yale, and on sabbaticals at Central Philippines University and in Lebanon. Among many other things he has been a William Henry Hoover lecturer at the University of Chicago, has lectured at the Indian Institute of World Culture in Bangalore, has been a Vocations Week lecturer at Cambridge (UK), and his lecture at the conference on the future of the university at the Classical University of Lisbon is online at http://www.educ.fc.ul.pt/cie/seminarios/universidade/pross  He wrote a series of books to challenge the education of several professions, including AFTER PUNISHMENT WHAT?; HOSPICE: NEW MODELS OF CARE FOR THE TERMINALLY ILL; FAMILY SURVIVAL and COMPUTERS: BRIDGES TO THE FUTURE.  He has presented papers at the World Brain Conference at the University of Calgary in 1997 and at the Global Brain Workshop at the Free University of Brussels in 2001. An article on management of all knowledge is in the April/May 2004 issue of the Futurist and a sequel in the January, 2005 issue, on how electronic textbooks can be cheaply provided to the world's poor. This 3-volume online book on the future of lifelong education for everyone in the world has been translated by Professor Fan Yihong and her team at the Institute of Education Research, Xiamen University. Volume one is in print and  the other two will be published by China Ocean University Press in  2007 in P.R. CHINA.  

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G. Parker Rossman (g.p.ross@mchsi.com)




The Future of Higher (Lifelong) Education: For All Worldwide: A Holistic View
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